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Suction Lipectomy & Liposuction


Suction assisted lipectomy is the process of reducing the fat in the body by the help of suction methodology. It is one of the most famous of all the cosmetic surgeries and is very popular. It helps in the removal of fat from different parts of the human body. Areas affected by fat can range from abdomen, thighs, neck, buttocks and back of thighs and elsewhere. It cannot be considered as a low effort form of body contouring because it involves some amount of risk. The amount of weight lost as a part of this methodology varies according to doctors, methods and patients and is typically less than 10 pounds. There are several factors which limit the removal of fat from the body in one session. There are some negative effects of removing too much of fat from the body. The patients who have had over suctioned have reported unusual dents in the affected area. The more fat removed, the higher are the chances of the side effects. The fat deposit in the body is the combined effect of too many processes; it can be due to the changes in hormone level that slows down the body metabolism, stress and psychological behaviour that may increase our oral intake of nutrients beyond our need and genetic characteristics of an individual. Suction assisted lipectomy is a surgical removal of fat under the skin which leaves an individual with more pleasing contour and a smooth transition between the different regions of the body. The three most common types of liposuction are the tumescent or super wet liposuction, Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty and Laser or SMART Liposuction.