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Chin augmentation and Chin Implants


Chin implantation can improve the underlying structure and better balance the facial features for a dramatically more attractive look. This operation is more often performed at the time of Rhytidectomy, Otoplasty, liposuction or other facial implants as well. Chin implantations are made in various shapes and sizes. The implants are made of solid and semi solid materials which have been successfully used for many years. The implants look very natural and influence the look dramatically. People have acclaimed that after the surgery or the implant they look better when compared to earlier look. The chin augmentation involves making an incision inside the lower lip or under the chin. An implant of the required shape and size is placed. After the surgery, the chin is tapped to prevent swelling of the chin. The entire procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes. Most of the people undergoing this surgery report no discomfort at all. Local anaesthesia or anaesthesia with sedation can be used to ease the discomfort if any. Some swelling or bruising can occur after the operation. Some facial movements such as talking, chewing or smiling will be difficult for some days but can be eased by following the instructions of the attending doctor. The complications arising from chin implants are uncommon. As with any surgical procedure there are always chances of infection and reaction to anaesthesia. If the incision for the surgery is made inside the mouth then a patient may be placed on a liquid diet for some days until there is adequate healing to allow for chewing and food particles to come in contact with the stitches inside the mouth.