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Augmentation Mammaplasty & Breast Enlargement Procedures


Augmentation Mammaplasty is more popularly known as breast Augmentation among common people. The technical name for breast augmentation is augmentation mammaplasty which is to make the breasts larger by implanting a silicone rubber shell filled with a saline (salt-water) solution. It is the most popular form of cosmetic plastic surgery and anyone opting to go for it should have a clear idea of what it is all about , why does she want to go for it and how will that affect her looks. The current technology includes a hollow tube and a plunger. The hollow tube has a barrel which has one end tapered which connects to an inverse second arched barrel which again is connected to an ejection opening, formed of the same diameter as the second arch barrel. The plunger is used to push a silicon breast implant which is held in the hollow tube and it is pushed through the incision into a patient’s breast. The breast implant which is of silicon is coated with a lubricating fluid which does not irritate the human body.  The Augmentation Mammaplasty can be performed safely and very easily and within few hours. The choice of the implants and its placement depends upon the request of the patients and the consultation with the doctor. Augmentation Mammaplasty is recommended for women with insufficiently developed breast or when the mammary gland shrinks, which can be due to breast feeding or significant weight loss. The perfect age of this surgery varies and should be undertaken only once the development of mammary gland is complete which usually happens after the age of 16.