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Collagen & Fat Injections


Collagen is a widely used fibrous structural protein. It finds its application in most of the cosmetic surgeries. It is used as a healing aid for burn patients or for the reconstruction of bones and a variety of other orthopaedic and surgical purposes. Collagens are widely applied in the construction artificial skin. The collagens used for making the artificial skins are derived from bovine, equine or porcine, and even human, sources and are sometimes used in combination with silicones, glycosaminoglycans, fibroblasts, growth factors and other substances. Recently collagens are available in the market as joint mobility supplement. Collagen comprises of groups of white inelastic fibres which have great tensile strength. Collagen proteins are found to contain an exceptionally high percentage of the amino acids, Proline and hydroxyproline. 
All the fat contained by our body is not of the same type and the human body treats them in different ways. Some commonalities are definitely observed, that is all the type of fats are a good source of energy. Fats are classified into mono unsaturated, saturated and poly unsaturated. Saturated fats contain low density lipoprotein which results in the increased risk of heart disease. Saturated fats are found in food products obtained from animals like red meat, eggs, butter and other dairy products. Among vegetables palm oil and coconut oil are found to contain saturated fats. The other kind of fat, that is polyunsaturated fat is said to be a better option over saturated fat. It lowers the low density lipoprotein which is a good effect but at the same time it may reduce the High density lipoproteins too, which are good for the body.