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Otoplasty & Ear Surgery


Otoplasty is the medical name for the plastic surgery of ears. It is the surgery of ears and is the only surgery in which the numbers of child patients are more than the adults. This happens to be the case because the ears get fully developed at the age of four and the parents want to get this surgery done during the pre pubescent or early teen years. Off course the ear surgery is also done on thousands of adult patients every year. However the cartilage becomes less pliable, as the years keep passing and this result in the limitations to the surgeon who operates. Otoplasty is generally performed as an outpatient in the hospital or doctor’s private chamber. General anaesthesia is used for younger patients but in case of the adults the surgeons prefer to use local anaesthesia. The surgery is done by making an incision along the back of the ear. The reshaping of the cartilage actually happens to be the deciding factor for reshaping the ears. Sometimes the doctor or the operating surgeon decides to trim the cartilage and sometimes they proceed with the pinning of cartilage with permanent sutures to pull the ear back closer to the head and make it appear smaller. It has been noticed that regardless of the technique whether the cartilage is trimmed or not permanent sutures are used to hold the ear in place. Otoplasty is a sculpting procedure which is performed by the use of traditional surgical tools.