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Cheek augmentation & Cheek Implants


Cheek augmentations are also known as cheek implants. It is more popularly known to physicians as sub malar and malar augmentation. It is a general procedure that describes surgery to enhance the appearance of one’s cheeks. It is a part of cosmetic surgery and is a relatively minor procedure which restructures cheek bones; it also helps in balancing facial features and restoring a youthful and vibrant appearance. This surgery helps in changing the shape or size of the cheek and also in the correction of the defects which are caused by birth defects or injury. This surgery is generally simpler, faster and less complicated in comparison to other cosmetic surgeries. This surgery helps in providing a more balanced and proportionate appearance of the face. Cheek augmentation includes the insertion of fat and other fillers. Cheek implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and hence it can be customized to fit in any individuals face.   One basic advantage of cheek implantation is that, the cheek implants come in various shape and size and are made of safe, non-reactive, and permanent materials that can always be easily removed or changed at a later date. Cheek implantation can be done laterally, frontally or sometimes even both. Cheek implantation can be done in as less as 30 minutes and is done by almost all the facial surgeons. It has been observed that after the implantation patients may experience numbness, swelling or discomfort at the incision sight. This is common and reduces with time.