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Rhinoplasty & Ear Sugery


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which is performed by a head and neck surgeon, maxilla facial surgeon or a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance as well as functionality of a human nose. Rhinoplasty is common among people by the name nose reshaping or nose job. Rhinoplasty is not just performed to attain the aesthetic goals but also helps in reconstructive purposes like treating trauma, birth defects or potentially relieving some breathing problems. It is usually performed along with other surgical procedures like chin augmentation or face uplift. By the help of rhinoplasty one is able to reduce or increase the size of nose, adjust and reshape the nose tip or bridge, make the nostrils smaller and closer together, or adjust the angle between your nose and upper lip. Some of the factors which possibly influence this surgery are the cartilage and nasal bones or the structure and the shape of your face.  Rhinoplasty generally takes an hour or two; it actually depends on the criticality of the surgery and may take more time also. After the surgery the patients are advised to keep their heads elevated. Patients tend to feel a bit of swelling in their nose and also some dull headache. During the surgery the skin of the nose is removed from the supporting framework of bone and cartilage, which is then later on sculpted to the desired shape. The nature of sculpting depends on the nature of the surgery and the preference of the surgeons. Most physicians place a soft plastic splint in the nose after the surgery.