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Abdominal etching and Ab surgery options for you.


Abdominal etching is a procedure which is different from liposuction or abdominoplasty. It deals with creating a flatter, tighter stomach area, with stronger muscle definition. Abdominal etching differs from abdominoplasty in a way that in the later the abdomen muscles can be tightened or removed, whereas in abdominal etching excess fat and skin are removed, from the abdomen. It is a kind of plastic surgery which helps to achieve the muscular look popularly known among body builders as a "washboard" stomach. This technique is one amongst the safest procedure of removing a limited amount of abdominal fat to make the outlines more prominent and give the chance to muscular definitions to be revealed. This procedure helps the body builders reveal the natural creases which are covered by excess fat and do not reduce by any exercise or any diet methods. Abdominal etching is also available for people opting for a slim look and not the details like that of the body builders. Abdominal itching is much simpler than the abdominoplasty and requires just 1-1/2 hours to complete. The doctor marks the details of the abdominal muscles while the patient flexes in the starting position. The muscular structure is then revealed by a tiny instrument which actually removes the excessive fat. The patient is advised not to perform any exercise for round about 10 days. In most of the cases the patients leave for home after the surgery. Actually the result differs based on the difference in anatomy. Any medical procedure can have complications like bleeding or infection, and hence it is advisable to get that treated by the doctor immediately.