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Sliding genioplasty is also known as chin augmentation. Chin plays an important role in the symmetry of the face. To alter the contour of chin sliding genioplasty of the mandibular symphysis with advancement of the mobilized segment is the technique of choice for correction of the anterior posterior deficiency. .A significant alteration to the profile of a patient can be done with either a chin augmentation or reduction procedure. Several surgical options have come up for the treatment of any chin deformities. Alloplastic chin implants and sliding genioplasty are the two very popular methods of chin augmentation. Protruding chin is corrected using the two options which include a sliding genioplasty or an open reduction with a rotary burr. The preoperative consultation involves a complete history and physical examination, which includes the dental history with occlusal evaluation and also the standard facial photographs. While analysing the profile of the face, the face is divided into three parts. First part constitutes of the portion from the hairline to the glabella, the second part or the middle face from the glabellas to the sub nasal, and the last or the lower third starts from sub nasal to the menton. The chin is then accessible which helps to determine if it is in harmony with the remaining of the face. For the sliding genioplasty the doctors have reported a good rate of success. To add to, this technique addresses abnormalities in 3 dimensions of asymmetry, which includes vertical microgenia, vertical macrogenia with retrogenia, and prognathia.