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Rhytidectomy and Face lift surgery.


Rhytidectomy is more commonly known as facelift and is one of the cosmetic surgeries which is very popular for it leads to a fresh and energetic look among the people.  It is actually a procedure which helps in tightening the sagging skin and muscles underneath to provide a youthful appearance. This process does not claim to stall the ageing process or bring back the elasticity of the skin but it does help in rendering a fresh and energetic look. "Rhytids" means wrinkles and hence rhytidectomy is the process of removing the wrinkles. The term somewhat is a bit misleading as the facelift surgery helps in the lifting of the sagging tissues of the cheeks. Rhytidectomy can improve the most visible signs of ageing by tightening and restructuring the inner structures and foundation of the face and neck. With the ongoing process of ageing the effects of gravity, sun exposure, weight fluctuations, smoking, heredity, and the daily stresses of life start to expose themselves in the form of wrinkles. Facelift surgery or rhytidectomy helps in reducing these signs. A facelift is actually directed towards tightening the loose skin of the face and neck; it also helps in improving the contour of the jaw and necklines. It does not promise to completely reduce the line, wrinkle or folds visible on the skin but shall definitely help in reducing their prominence. There are numerous facelift techniques available in the market. These range from superficial skin re draping, fat contouring to tightening the deeper connective tissue just above the muscle layer. Other of these techniques involves the separation of the facial tissue from the bone and then repositioning and securing this facial tissue in a better position before re-draping the skin.